Innovative Space Dimension has been practicing an integrated design approach since its founding days. Equal emphasis is given to key areas of Function, Form, Aesthetics, Time and Cost. ISD’s Design Team uses the marriage of these key elements to translate its in-depth understanding of spaces into every client’s unique requirements and needs to create environments that are ergonomically functional, innovative and sensitive to time and cost constraints.

Our Services

Innovative Space Dimension is able to provide full-fledge Interior Design Services that includes Concept Design, Space Planning, Building Analysis, Environmental Graphics, Branding, as well as Cost Management for Interior Projects, Project Management and Construction Management.

ISD is able to undertake the following project types :

Corporate Design (Offices, Institutions, Banks, Call Centers, Data Centers & Shared Services Facilities)

Leisure Design (Gymnasiums & Spas)

F&B Design (Restaurents, Bars, Bistros, Food Courts & Cafeterias

High-end Residential Design (Penthouses, Bangalows & Mansions)

Retail Design (Specialty Stores, Showrooms, Exhibitions, Supermarkets, Departmental Stores & Shopping Centers)

Hospitality / Hotel / Resort Design

Gaming Design (Casinos)